Angela Lucente

Enrollment Coach

My Story:

I’m a petite woman and always lived a healthy and active life and because of this I thought that I would never need to worry about my weight. But that all changed when menopause showed up in my lay 40s and I started to experience the usual hormonal symptoms. I was also noticing physical changes in my body shape that really bothered me. I could see that middle age spread that so many women talked about was slowly creeping in.
I tried a few different programs to try and address the weight gain with little or no success until I tried the DN approach. I was so impressed with the results of this program but mostly with the ease that I was able to implement the DN approach into my very busy life.
I learned how to nourish and fuel my body in a way that has completely addressed all my menopause symptoms including the weight gain.
DN gave me my waist back, my body confidence and a whole new way of living with food freedom .. and that’s the best part of all.

Why I am passionate about helping others:

I love sharing my experience with other women so they can see that there is light at the end of the never ending diet tunnel and a way that is completely sustainable!

My favorite nutrition tip: 

There is no such thing as a good or bad food it’s all about balancing the plate!

My favorite mindset tip:

Be who you need to be not who others need to see!

My favorite sustainability tip:

1% progress everyday is better than 100% progress in one day

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @angela_lucente