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Meet Coach Shannon!

Feb 21, 2023
Hey there!

I can't wait for you to hear this week's episode...

Picture this...water damage, out of town guests, a New Year's Eve party with over forty guests coming, and your teenage son gushing blood.

Feel calm?

Probably not!

You've gotta hear Coach Shannon tell this story, along with the amazing details of how her life has transformed since finding Disruptive Nutrition.

Shannon was always a "healthy" eater, and very interested in wellness.

She ate all the right foods, exercised regularly, and just came to accept things like a bloated tummy, night sweats, terrible menstrual cramps, and irritability as normal. That's just life as a woman in her 40's, right?


After learning how to regularly fuel her body, Shannon was shocked to see her hormones balance. Those terrible menstrual cramps disappeared, along with the night sweats.

She got her peaceful, patient temperament back.

Her belly flattened, her energy levels soared.

Four years later, Shannon is approaching her 50th birthday with a confidence and resilience that she didn't even know was possible.

And when life threw what felt like a hundred curve balls at her this holiday season, she reacted in a way that surprised even herself.

She was calm. She had a clear mind. And she was able to support her loved ones and find solutions...and even get back from the Emergency Room just in time to enjoy a fabulous party with her family and friends!

Join me for this week’s episode as Shannon and I discuss:
  • How Shannon's "normal" symptoms were really her body talking to her
  • How healthy eating and exercise weren't enough
  • What she did when the chaos came!!
  • Why you should hop on a call with one of our coaches - you could even talk to Shannon!
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