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The Cult of Thinness vs. Body Positivity

Dec 05, 2022

My heart is is conflicted and I have so much I need to say to you.

First, I need to apologize.

Last week, when NewsNation asked me to come to New York City and sit down with news anchor Leland Vittert to discuss the "Cult of Thinness," I was thrilled.

Thinking about being skinny has stolen so much of my life, and I don't want any more little girls growing up obsessing over their size.

Sharing that message means EVERYTHING TO ME.

But when the interview began and Leland took a firm body-shaming stance, I was caught off guard.

I wasn't quite expecting to be challenged on accepting and loving people regardless of their size.

I wasn't as ready as I should have been able to more effectively respond to the notion that people who are overweight just eat Twinkies all day.

He even told me I must have good genes if I am able to eat carbs.


Click on the video at the top of the page to see the interview


After this weekend of reflection and running the interview over and over again in my mind, here's what I wish I would have said:

"Listen, Leland, it's not about The Cult of Thinness vs Body Positivity.

Thin people vs fat people.

Us vs. Them.

We are all just people. Amazing human beings of worth and value."


See, I don't work with women because they need to shrink their bodies to be acceptable in this world.

I'm here because people are living their lives like they were put on this earth to find the right diet and to be a certain weight.

The truth is, each of us matters and we are here to do something amazing with our one important life.

I want everyone to be able to do just that.

And we need to love everyone where they are.

I wish I had stood up and said, "We all matter and the conversation needs to shift from shame and blame to love, education and support."

The interview triggered all my PTSD about feeling like my body was shameful and after he attributed my ability to eat carbs to my "good genes," I thought "You have no idea that my genes have nothing to do with it."

I should have said, "See that Leland, even YOU don't know that we need carbs. Our society is so poorly educated on what we should be doing."

Had I more eloquently articulated that if we spent half the amount of time talking about what our bodies need instead of shaming them, I could have given women everywhere a voice.

I built Disruptive Nutrition around a proven blueprint that educates and empowers women to show up for themselves in a way they have never been able to do before.

I'm sorry for not saying all that I could have in the name of every amazing woman battling society's view of what size we should be.

But I'm ready to move on. To keep fighting the good fight. To keep working with women like you.



So, let's get you on the path.

First things first...we want to talk to you.


The answer is simple but at the very heart of what we do here at Disruptive Nutrition.

We want every single woman to have a VOICE, to be able to tell HER STORY, and to walk away from our conversation with her next steps for taking hold of her health, whether she chooses to work with us formally or not.

Every single person is unique, with a unique history and set of needs, so what we have to tell you is so much more than what could be printed on a website.

So...book that call. Talk to us. Let us hear your heart and let us tell you what we know.

It's time to make a plan for YOU.


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