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Real Talk with Real Clients - Ernest

Mar 07, 2023

Meet Diet Disruptor Ernest! By day he’s a heating/air conditioning repairman for the local school system, which has him on a roof or in his truck most of the day.  His job is physically demanding and long hours can be devastating to food intake and his energy. 


Ernest’s wife, Jammie tried EVERYTHING prior to finding Disruptive Nutrition. And every diet she attempted left her feeling frustrated with the results. 


She brought up the idea of this new food program to her husband Ernest. She explained that this wasn’t a diet, that instead, it was a lifestyle and one of the main components was balancing blood sugar. 


Now THIS had his attention. 


Ernest decided to do the program with her so she would stick with it! 


He had personally been battling health issues related to increasing blood sugar. Every A1C test he had done in the past few years had come back steadily increasing. 


Traditional medical advice told him to cut sugars and eat smaller portions to bring it down, but he was already eating smaller portions and cuttings sugars!


NOW his Dr. Is asking him what he is doing to get such amazing results! Do you want to know?!


If Ernest can do this, so can YOU! He plans and prepares enough meals to keep his blood sugar stable all day while eating out of his truck.


His results - get this! 

A1C went from 6.3 to 5.8 in 2 months!


Not only that, but Ernest and Jammie’s bond has grown stronger, they feel better, have more energy, have experienced weight loss, and most importantly, are working together towards a common goal and living a life of purpose.


Listen to all the details of Ernest's amazing transformation on our podcast HERE!

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