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Girl Talk: Better For You

May 01, 2023

You are most like the people you hang out with the most! Read that one more time, seriously. And then, just for a minute, think about your besties.


This week Carrie is sitting down with her good friend Lindsey to talk about better for you options. They’ve learned so much from each other over the years!


It has truly inspired the conversation about the people that we surround ourselves with and what a healthy person does, says and believes.


In this girl talk sit-down, they chat about not only about the things that go into our body, but what goes on our body as well.


Lindsey created The Clean Living Collection as a way to share resources she’s discovered and to partner with other brands and collaborators who have also adopted a clean lifestyle.


This initiative was all driven by her desire to be better for herself so she could be better for the people around her.


It’s all about BETTER FOR YOU this week.


Here at DN we are all about education and sharing resources. There are so many available through our Diet Disruptors Squad on FB so if you aren’t already in the group, join! If you are in the group, be sure you’re getting notifications for new posts!


We also have a big announcement coming out of this episode!  You heard Carrie mention the idea of gluten free. Maybe you’ve thought about going gluten free yourself but just weren’t sure where to start, or maybe you’ve been gluten free for awhile but would like some fresh inspiration and recipe ideas.


In either case, this is for you!!


Join our Gluten Free Summit! This is an exciting time and you can enroll now for our month of May summit. It’s entirely free and you’re going to get tons of people who are presenting on a variety of topics. There will also be cooking classes, easy swaps, meals on the go, etc.!


Our host for the summit is Jennifer Marcks, a GF Health Coach and the CEO of Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot, has gathered an amazing line-up of Health and Wellness Leaders to boost your GF life. She will also be sharing TWO GF Cooking Classes that all Summit participants are invited to attend.


Join the GF Summit by clicking on this link.


You can listen to all of the details from this week's episode HERE:



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