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Meet Coach Karen Lynne

Dec 27, 2022

“You need to start eating salads because I’m not taking a fat captain to state.”

Karen Lynne was a teenager. She was captain of the dance team, fit and active.

And that one sentence changed her life. 

Like so many of us, what followed for Karen Lynne was decades of yo-yo dieting.

She kept TEN YEARS worth of daily food and weight journals, dutifully written in small spiral notebooks that she could carry with her wherever she went.

Once, she even went for 6 straight months without ever CHEWING anything - chocolate shakes for 5 meals a day, every day.

But every time she lost the weight, it would come back and then some.

Karen Lynne lost the same 100 pounds so many times she stopped counting.

And then she found Disruptive Nutrition.

It was such a treat to have Karen Lynne - an amazing client turned coach - as my guest on the podcast this week to tell her transformation story.

CLICK HERE to listen to this week’s episode, and hear the details of how Karen Lynne went from constantly obsessing over food and weight to being SURPRISED at the doctor’s office when they told her she had lost 20 pounds. (Spoiler alert - her mindset transformation was so HUGE she wasn’t even weighing herself!!)





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