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Meet Coach Stephanie

May 08, 2023

Everyone needs a coach! Some of the best coaches even have coaches!


Meet mindset coach Stephanie, who helps women break free from unhealthy striving in favor of more peace and ease while still achieving their goals.


Mindset is such a buzz word right now. Everyone is talking about it, but do we really know what it is? Mindset is a loop, it has no beginning or end.


Something happens, there’s an experience in your life, and then you have a thought about it. Your brain interprets it based on some thought pattern that you’ve determined, then you take action, and there is some sort of result. What is your mindset?


So what are the thought patterns that we use to influence our action and results. How do you FEEL on your way to that goal or result?


We all have a bit of sabotage that can take over, because it’s our brains job to keep us safe. It however, is OUR job to realize that the sabotage is happening and that we can change the thinking.


Let’s dive into some things that can affect us and create a striving mindset. But wait, what is the striving mindset and how is that holding you back? Let’s define what we mean by unhealthy striving first.


Unhealthy striving involves battling with the present moment and trying to get somewhere other than where we are.


Here are a few examples of the unhealthy striving goals, do any of these sound like you?

  •  Doing more but never feeling like you do enough
  •  Competing with people who dont have the same goals you do
  •  Neglecting important life domains to get ahead in areas that dont matter to you
  •  Listening to your mind like it’s a drill sergeant
  •  Being exhausted but are unable to sleep
  •  Feeling guilty when you take time off
  •  Reaching big achievements but still feeling dissatisfied
  •  Working nonstop to avoid feeling like you dont measure up


We are not put on this earth to figure out the best diet or workout program, we are here to do other amazing things and impact the world in a positive way. We need to stand in our own power and embrace the world.


The good news…..You’re human! You can retrain your brain and there is a feel good mindset!


You can literally change your think pattern. Say that in the mirror 10 times over!


If you need a little help getting started with a task that feels overwhelming, check out the Take 5 worksheet that Stephanie mentioned in this week’s episode.

Listen HERE for all the details!

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