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A Physician Talks Nutrition

May 15, 2023

We rely on our doctors for a lot of information and help, right?


Meet Dr. Anne, who has 30 years of experience as a physician! She’s considered an expert in her field.


But, doctors don’t actually learn a thing about nutrition as a part of her medical studies. The pharmaceutical industry has doctors talking about weight loss through prescription drugs.


These medications are not cheap, and insurance isn’t going to cover it. The investment becomes a lifelong investment because the weight will come back if the medication stops.


But how does that compare to shifting mindset and making healthy changes instead of suppressing the appetite or depriving the body of food?


Dr. Anne recalls a time before DN when her mindset was always ‘I want to lose weight. Now, it’s I want to be HEALTHY!’ The side effect is the losing weight, but I FEEL better, I have more energy and there is so much more I’m noticing now. And, I dont think I paid attention to those things before.’


Well you guys guess what, it’s time to pay attention…


There is something about the health industry that’s about the dollar and not necessarily our health. 


Dr. Anne researched multiple programs online, and found several other programs and one was even run by a physician! This Dr’s. plan had her eating 3 meals a day, no snacking, mostly protein heavy with a little carbs, but she couldn’t eat in between.


It was a lot of RULES and CAN’T haves.


The other program was intermittent fasting and that wasn’t for her either. Intermittent fasting throws everything off, especially our blood pressure. Getting a continuous glucose monitor proves that intermittent fasting is harming our bodies.


Dr. Anne has tried lots of diets throughout the years some that worked for a bit but then she always fell back into bad habits. She finally decided that it cant be that she’s that weak, or that she couldn’t follow through on a diet or nutrition plan!


That wasn’t why these diets were failing. It had to be a lifestyle change that was sustainable to be successful!


The biggest shift for her was the mindset work through Disruptive Nutrition. This program is all about setting the foundation for health and everything else becomes much more clear.


Are you ready to get really clear on your weight loss or nutrition journey?


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