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Q&A with Carrie

Nov 08, 2022


Does the diet industry have you feeling lost and confused?

I can completely relate.

Ten years ago, I was CONSTANTLY SEARCHING.

Everywhere I turned there seemed to be a new voice telling me what to eat, what not to eat, or how I should stop eating altogether!

All the contradictions, all the false promises, all the crazy fads - it was enough to make me doubt everything about my choices.

If you're anything like me, I know YOU have questions too - and I AM HERE FOR IT.

This week on the podcast I am starting a special series called “Q&A with Carrie” where I tackle questions submitted by listeners just like YOU.

I firmly believe that nobody was put on this earth to find the right diet. You have so much more to do with your life than feel endlessly confused about how to eat.

So when you catch yourself wondering about something over the coming month, head over to Disruptive Nutrition on Instagram or Facebook and let me know, then tune in to next month's podcast to hear my answers.

The door is open - if it’s on your mind, I want to hear about it.

Listen to the full episode to hear all about my take on insulin resistance, intermittent fasting, artificial sweeteners, and even cellulite!


Plus I'll even tell you about my favorite bedtime snack.


Can't wait to hear your questions for next month,



Listen to the full podcast here:

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