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On The Road With Ray & Bev

May 22, 2023

You guys aren’t going to believe this one. This is an incredible trifecta of sorts.


Meet real clients Ray & Bev! They have embraced the DN lifestyle and we love their background which we are going to dive into in this episode.


Ray and Bev are doing our nutrition program all from their RV and making this lifestyle WORK, together. They are doing this as whole food, plant based lifestyle too!


Read that again.


Whole food, plant based can be amazing, it can be done right and well, but they are also doing this in their RV, which presents even more unique challenges! They work as a partnership, they have built a strong WHY and are working on this lifestyle for each other.



Bev learned about the DN reset and adopted the program together with Ray. Little by little they found themselves realizing something was missing for them. They weren’t balancing each meal or as structured as they needed to be, so they decided they needed more from the team at DN.


Carrie to the rescue!



Ray was particularly inspired by the mindset piece of this program and wasn’t aware of how much his own thoughts and beliefs were dictating the actions of their nutritional approach.


They started asking themselves, what is this food doing for me? Ray knew that Bev really needed help and support and he would have done anything to ensure she had that.


The plant based approach is totally possible, but there is a lot more you have to do! AND they are living in an RV.


It’s not hard, but it’s more intentional. The first thing Ray did was


built out a spreadsheet so they had a solid foundation with references to build their new life on.

This way they could figure out how to get the vegetables needed to get the complete protein. Not all plants have all the essential proteins so we needed to organize ourselves to figure out how to complete the protein and makes this as simple as possible.


Everyone coming after Ray & Bev will have a whole other set of resources to build the gap for people that want whole food, plant based life! They share their incredible recipes too!


These skills are transferable! We all want food freedom and time freedom.


Are you ready, listen HERE


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