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Self Sabotage

Apr 24, 2023

Have you ever thought to yourself, I need to lose weight, (or maybe I just want to lose weight) and if I do lose the weight then I can start living my life?


If you answered yes, did you also decide that going on a diet was then a necessary evil of losing weight?


Maybe you’re the person that has been dieting for decades!


So you decide you need to make a change. And then you being the cycle of self sabotage.


YES. I just said that. Self sabotage. Without knowing it, we are all victim to it and we dont even realize we’re in it!


When we don’t deal with self sabotage directly, nothing we put our minds to will be successful.


Many of us dont know what we need and if we dont truly understand our needs, and we dont invest in them, we cant show up for ourselves.


Our behaviors are a response of our thinking. Many of the things we do and think about come from our unconscious and if we dont know what’s happening, we cant control what our brain is doing!


So what exactly is the cycle of self sabotage?


We start to make a change, and then we do something to take steps to change, we start to feel good and our brain realizes that something feels different.


'Different' usually signals to our bran that we are starting to feel uncomfortable, so what does your brain do?


Our bran starts to question the changes you’ve made completely unconsciously. The brain craves familiarity and so the brain will fall into comfort (back into old habits) before the change is comfortable.


And there it is, self sabotage. Think it’s time to understand more about this cycle?


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Click on this link to see the Cycle of Self Sabotage graphic that Carrie references: https://disruptivenutrition.info/selfsabotage


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