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Truth Is a Lie

Feb 28, 2023
Hey there!
This is a topic I've been thinking so much about - it's a tough one because it requires a real look inward at the things we tell ourselves. 
But if we want to move forward past the things that have been holding us back, we have to take a step back and look at our reality and our truths and start asking questions. 
Are you ready??? Deep breath...
Here's an example, maybe you tell yourself you're too busy to book a call with us to begin your health journey. Even though you REALLY want to make some changes. 
You even go so far as to tell a friend (who also just happens to be too busy alllllllll the time for things), that you've been wanting to explore this opportunity with one of our coaches but you're just too busy. 
Your friend agrees with you and lets you off the hook. OF COURSE you're too busy! You've got work, kids, activities, all of the THINGS! 
But....are you REALLY too busy? Or is this 'truth' you've been telling yourself really a lie? 
I'm going to let you in on a little secret: The things you see from your perspective, your actual sense of reality is an illusion!! 
Listen to this week's episode to learn why!
Join me on this week's episode to learn some hard TRUTHS:
  • 85% of women have disordered eating! It's no wonder the path to wellness has previously been so hard! But the Disruptive Nutrition approach isn't! 
  • Your actions (not your reality) need to be connected to the thing you want. You can do this!
  • We can help you create a plan and a strategy to align your actions with your goals.
  • You no longer have to participate in a health industry that places value on what you look like. You have the power to control your truth! 
Ask yourself, is it finally time to start showing up for yourself? 
Your story matters and maybe you don't know what is actually standing in the way of you getting the thing that you really want. Our entire team is here to help! You just need to book a call with us. 
You ready?!
Listen to this week's podcast, "Truth is a Lie," HERE.

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