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When Willpower Wanes

Nov 29, 2022

Hi there!


The lights are twinkling and the holidays are here.


'Tis the season for TEMPTATION.


Whether it's cocktail parties or cookie exchanges, everywhere you turn for the next month there will be sugar plums dancing above your head.


And there's one thing I hear over and over.


"I just have no WILLPOWER. I know I shouldn't overdo it, but I can't seem to stop."


Sound familiar?


It's not just YOU, it's EVERYONE.


I've been a behavioral scientist for over two decades, and if there's one thing I've learned it's that giving in to temptation is a universal human issue.


But there's one single factor that determines how successful you will be in all areas of your life...


And that factor is SELF-CONTROL.


Whether it's in your career, your relationships, your health, or your finances, without self-control your efforts are doomed to failure.


So is there anything you can do to strengthen your willpower muscles?


Of course there is! Tune in to this week's podcast episode to hear my best advice on what to do when your willpower wanes, and how to keep yourself heading towards your goals no matter what time of year it is.






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