Jessica A. Sental

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach
BA in English Secondary Education
Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in Media Literacy
Certified Supervisor of Education

My Story:

When I came to Disruptive Nutrition, I had about 10 lbs I could no longer lose. I had spent years yo-yo dieting, trying everything from counting calories, to cleanses, to keto, and back again. I was an all or nothing person. I would have times of the year where I would be SO strict and punishing with my food and other times where I said “Screw it!” and just ate and ate and ate. It was always one kind of misery or another. Either I was miserable because I was hungry or because I hated the way I looked. And either way, I hated how I felt.

But losing weight after putting it on again was getting harder and harder (especially after having had two kids) to the point where it just was not working anymore. I was hitting a moment in life where I thought I would just need to accept being uncomfortable in my body as a right of passage that came with getting older.

Then I saw a post by another coach about eating balanced PFC meals and something in my heart told me this was it.

Fast forward to YEARS later… I have accomplished SO much more than losing those 10 pounds (plus some!) and keeping them off.

I have gained back energy and time I never knew I could have back. I no longer fall asleep putting my children to bed at night.

I no longer fear food or binge eat at the end of a day of starving myself. I finally see food for what it is: fuel to enable me to DO all of the things I want to do!

And eating is fun and satisfying to me now. I never have to feel hungry again, and I also don’t have to feel overly full and sluggish. I eat to feel strong, vital, and energized!

I have also managed to be consistent with my workouts and walks for YEARS instead of falling off the wagon after a few months. I never have to start over again!

And I am learning every single day about myself and becoming the best version of the unique ME I am meant to be so that I can make the most of this time I am given and find joy in my journey. I am learning to be honest with myself about what matters and what I can accomplish each day, to both plan and to have grace with myself when plans do not go perfectly, and to practice the discipline of declining that which does not serve me and my purpose not just with my nutrition but with my time.

I lost 10+ pounds, but I have gained and continue to gain SO much from this lifestyle.

Why I am passionate about helping others:

I am passionate about helping others because I have knowledge that needs to be shared. I was saved in so many ways by this lifestyle, ways I never expected were possible and go so much further than nutrition, and I have a responsibility to help others find the same.

My favorite nutrition tip:

Eat within the last hour before going to bed… you should never have to go to sleep hungry!

My favorite mindset tip:

Your thoughts are not facts. Do not believe everything you think. Suffering is optional.

My favorite sustainability tip:

Focus on 1% progress. True success is not birthed from one, big, lucky step, but from daily, small, consistent steps. When you take everything on at once, you burn out. Build on your successes and celebrate each one, no matter how small it may seem.

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Instagram: coachjessdn