Are You Sick Of Giving Up Carbs?

Here's the Thing. You Don't Have To.

Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight With a Simple, Sustainable and Satisfying Approach.


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“How to Use Food as Fuel with PFC Every 3”

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Hey! I'm Carrie…a mom, wife, professional educator and certified nutrition coach.

I'm 47 and I eat carbs.

I've never felt or looked better and it all happened when I stopped dieting.

Before you keep trudging along with the yo-yo dieting lifestyle, join me for my mini course that is totally going to disrupt everything you THINK you know about nutrition.

“How is no one else teaching this?”

– Lindsay M., Ohio

The PFC Every 3 Online Course!

Designed for those who want to learn our approach NOW.

At Disruptive Nutrition, we run a HIGHLY successful coaching program where we walk with clients, side by side, on their journey of launching a new lifestyle while learning and implementing our unique approach.

But, we know that for a variety of reasons, that while they would benefit from our larger, personalized coaching program the timing or financial investment may not align with their desire to enroll.

So, we listened to our clients' request for a comprehensive, yet less intensive way to learn this life changing concept and still get results.

And the PFC Every 3 Online Course was born!

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“It really is genius”

– Tara C., New York

Do you REALLY know what it takes to lose weight and get healthy for the long term?

Because it's really confusing out there.

If you are like my clients when they find me, you are sick of the yo-yo dieting and the constant, never-ending search to find something that will work. You keep looking for the “thing” that will actually stick and trigger your body to where you want it to go.

But it will never happen with a diet.

Diets ALWAYS fail us because they slow down our metabolism and then we have to keep eating less and less to try to keep losing weight, which is why you will always gain it back.

And that feels pretty crappy, doesn't it?

The diet industry knows this is going to happen, it’s how they keep you coming back for more. They know their product doesn’t work.

When you stop dieting and start fueling
your body with food correctly you can…


Lose weight without feeling deprived:

Once you know the formula, imagine eating more food than you ever had before, and start losing weight….for good.

Kiss sugar cravings goodbye:

When you eat correctly and your body is in balance because you are feeding it consistently with what it needs, your sugar cravings become non-existent.

Have more energy without needing a Starbucks run:

Living life with energy without needing that caffeine burst may seem impossible right now, but once you have it, you won’t ever want to lose it.

Feel confident and strong:

When you know you are doing right by your body, there is a confidence that comes with that, regardless of what that stupid scale says. What would life be like if you felt that confidence?
Have a healthy relationship with food: Imagine never feeling guilty about food again, being able to eat what you want and knowing that your body will continue to work with you instead of against you.

Model and teach appropriate eating habits and mindsets for your kids:

Creating a new narrative around food, your body and your self worth is not only freeing for you, but imagine the different path your kids will go down if they aren’t a slave to the diet and the scale.

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5 Reasons You Haven’t Achieved Your Weight Loss Goals


You have been tracking your calories or macros for the day

All calories (or points) are not created equal. 250 calories of buttered popcorn isn’t the same as 250 calories of hard boiled eggs and an apple.  So many people believe that keeping track of how many calories or macros we are consuming throughout a day is the answer, but it can ac tually sabotage our goals, not just because its hard and not sustainable, but also because our bodies need to be consistently fed throughout the day. When you count calories, your food intake is varied all day, which causes blood sugar imbalances, a slowed down metabolism and…yup, weight gain.

You can go all day without eating and just eat when you get home from work

Your body needs food to fuel it so it can take what it needs and then burn what it doesn’t. When you don’t feed it all day, you aren’t “saving calories” but instead requiring your body to adapt to the lack of food and as a result, when you do eat, it will hold onto it because it doesn’t know when you will feed it again. The result? A slowed down metabolism and muscle loss which will cause you to, once again, gain weight.

You don’t have time to meal prep

Meal prep has traditionally been taught as something that take hours on a Sunday and who has time for that? But being thoughtful about having the right types of food in our kitchen doesn’t take time, just intention.  Because you will eat what is in the house, and if it isn’t the right stuff, you will, yup, you guessed it, gain weight.

You think that avoiding carbs is the answer

Believe it or not, carbs aren’t the enemy! Want to know why you crave ‘em? Because your body needs ‘em! When you don’t eat them, your body then has to adjust and as a result, it actually, once again, slows down your metabolism, reduces energy and do I have to say it? You gain weight.

You think that if you can just stick to a diet, you can be successful

The diet industry understands that diets are meant to give you a quick win, but because of what it does to your body, they know you will gain the weight back. But that’s the point, because it keeps you coming back for more. The constant dieting, which slows down your body, will always cause you to….what??? Yeah, you are catching on…gain weight.

“It's obvious that your entire program has been designed by an experienced educator. It is mapped out very clearly with tangible cards, manipulatives, videos, resources, lists, categories, and flexibility. I'm so impressed!”

– Tracy M., New York

What you will get with our PFC Every 3 Online Course

Course Breakdown

The PFC Every 3 course breaks down, very specifically not just WHAT you should be doing instead but WHY and HOW….and all in just a few hours!

  • Sustainable Nutrition: You will not only learn the components of what makes a sustainable nutrition plan, but you will have the exact litmus test to ensure anything you do will work for the long-term.

  • The Science: We don't want you to just blindly follow what we tell you to do, you will learn exactly what your body needs to give you want you want. Once you know this, you will want to share it with everyone!

  • The Approach: Here is where it gets fun…we provide a step by step guide with printables, manipulatives, videos of exactly how to fuel yourself with food and adopt the PFC lifestyle that thousands of our clients are now so passionate about!
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” I LOVE all of the supplemental info, recipes, videos, facebook post and live videos – it makes you feel like Carrie is right there and with you every step of the way!.”

– Renata K., California

Let's Take a Look at the Modules Included in the
PFC Every 3 Online Course

MODULE 1: Introduction

Getting started navigating the course with a step by step tutorial on how to access the content, download materials, ask questions and get the most out of the course!

MODULE 2: Sustainable Nutrition

This module focuses on WHY dieting doesn't work and how we have been sabotaging our goals by doing things we thought were “healthy.” We dig into what to look for in any nutritional program to ensure we can achieve our optimal health and long-term goals.

MODULE 3: Blood Sugar Stabilization

This module will give you the background behind blood sugar stabilization so that when you implement the strategies we teach to achieve it, you understand why it is so important and NEVER go back to even thinking that dieting is an approach you should ever attempt again!

MODULE 4: The Powerful PFC Combination

Now that you understand how important blood sugar stabilization is, this next unit digs deeply into HOW to achieve that consistent stability through your food choices. By eating in the combination called “PFC Every 3” you will allow your body the macronutrients it needs and be fueling it correctly and consistently which will build trust between you and your body.

MODULE 5: Making PFC a Lifestyle

These next lessons will walk you through how to LIVE this lifestyle so it feels natural, simple and sustainable! From knowing your exact portions, to reading a label, how to effectively meal prep, travel and go to restaurants, this module walks you through all the specifics with resources galore!

Bonus Material

A whole module on bonus lessons that weren't part of the original course but we felt were too good to leave out, we talk more about clean eating, provide lots of PFC recipes, help you troubleshoot issues and even dig into one of the most important aspects of our long term health….our mindsets!

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Let me just say it…

Our approach is the most effective way to adopt a nutrition lifestyle that is simple, sustainable and completely satisfying. This comprehensive, step-by-step course is for people who want something that works and that they can do for a lifetime. It's for those who want a solution that is easy to learn and that can even be modeled for our kids, too. (What diet can do that?!?!)

As a result, our clients are building the life of their dreams because they are no longer slaves to the mindsets and actions that were holding them back. When you join as a client of Disruptive Nutrition, you are part of a special squad of fellow “Diet Disruptors.”

Now, here’s the kicker.

I want you to feel totally confident in signing up for this. Enroll now, get access for two days to the program layout, the information and the resources.

If you don’t feel like this will get you well on your way to effectively shifting your approach to your nutrition, your body image and your mindsets, just let me know by emailing me directly and I’ll return back your investment.

Real Results From Real People


"I loved this course and learned so much about how our body works! It’s made me rethink my nutrition in a whole new way.

The whole ‘vibe’ I got from the course felt great – encouraging, positive, manageable and friendly. Carrie’s whole demeanor, body language, tone of voice, what and how she said things, explained things and reassuring and positive attitude just made me feel comfortable and encouraged to motivate myself in changing my way of thinking about food and health of my body.

Thank you!”


“The sequence of topics in the course were well organized in a way that understanding the concept of PFC Every 3 was simple! The lessons were presented in a step-by-step way, not overwhelming with too much information all at once.

Also the format of a mixture of videos, readings and downloadable materials made it interesting and easy to understand!

Every module started out with a focus, with lessons that had visuals and videos and finished with an ability to dig deeper with more articles.”


“It was really fantastic!! It went way above and beyond my expectations. I learned so much!!!

You really make anyone feel that they can do this lifestyle.

By saying “food should never make you feel guilty” really took me back. It made me smile and think you are absolutely right!

You made me believe that there is no “messing up” and that if we eat a little less strict we can just get on track with our next meal.

This is life-changing. Thank you so much!”


“I struggle with ADD and often cannot pay attention to or lose interest in listening to programs. but you kept my attention the entire time. The length of videos was perfect, and you are easy to listen to, and the content really kept my attention."

– Melissa R., South Carolina




Sounds Great, Right?

When you enroll TODAY, you will be cracking open in just minutes…

Five engaging, easy-to-digest modules With everything you will need to know in order to implement this new lifestyle immediately!

Bonus Module Included – Recipes, mindset coaching, and even our VERY popular e-book of 101 Simple, Grab and Go PFC Meals!

Lifetime Access to Modules – While the entire course takes a total of 4-6 hours, you have access forever so you can go back and re-learn concepts and even have access to all updates!

ONE MONTH FREE in our Exclusive Membership Group – This private membership is not open to the public and only available for those in certain programs. In our exclusive group we include our monthly recipe subscription (including our recipe vault with more than 500 PFC recipes!), live coaching calls, book studies, guest coaches and the most supportive community ever!

Special Client-Only Promotions – Once enrolled, you are officially a client which means special promotions and resources just for you!

Because I'm passionate about helping you crack the code and take the mystery out of all that crazy nutrition information out there, you can grab access to this life-changing course as well as a MONTH in our exclusive membership group for just $350.00.

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“I am down 18 lbs…despite drinking and eating through the holidays and lack of workout.
It's like magic.”

– Sandrine S., Connecticut


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“Carrie is incredible and really breaks down the “PFC Every 3” information into a concise, easy to understand program. I was thrilled with how much I learned about food, the body and how it all works together…and shocked by all of the things I never knew, and would have never known if I hadn’t taken the course. In just one week of implementing PFC Every 3 into my life I’ve lost 5 lbs, am full of energy and can’t believe how easy it was. I’m a believer and will NEVER diet again!!!”

– Terry V, Michigan