Samantha Kopecky

Enrollment Coach

My Story:
I'm so thrilled to be on the team! When I found Disruptive Nutrition and finally took the plunge, I knew within the first week it would change my life and that I wanted to be a part of it not only as a client but on the team as well. I have finally been able to stop the diet and blood sugar rollercoaster and found something that really does work for me and that I know will work forever. The freedom of living in the right now and only having to think about what I'm doing right in this moment has been what's changed me the most and helped me free up so much mental space that used to be consumed with tracking and planning and worrying about food all the time. I'm thrilled to be here and can't wait to get started.

Why are you passionate about helping others?
I know firsthand how paralyzing it can be to be stuck in the hamster wheel and I want to help people stop the ride and get to what makes sense for your body and your soul.

What is your favorite mindset tip?
This is a lifestyle and not a quick fix; there is freedom in knowing that once you know this, you're good for life.

What is your favorite sustainability tip?
If you trip up or fall down a step or two, you do not need to hurl yourself down the rest of the stairs. You have a chance 3 hours later to get back on course and let it go.

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