Sarah Mahoney

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC and Enrollment Coach

My Story:

From a young age, I always wanted more for myself, I am the middle child and tend to be an overachiever and when I didn’t feel I achieved enough in one area, I tried to control an area I thought I could control- my eating. I began disordered eating at the age of 11, it was the same time my hormones were really kicking in and I didn’t want to be more developed than my friends or deal with all the things a girl deals with so I started to restrict what I was eating. It was the 80s so I started eating low fat and low calorie just from what I learned on TV commercials about diets. From then on I tried numerous diets and put myself into such a horrible state of health that I was in early menopause at the age of 31 which unfortunately impacted my ability to have more children. Fast forward 8 more years of dieting eventually totalling up to doing over 50 diets in my 39 years of life, I decided I needed to look better at 40 than I did at 30. I lost the weight restricting my eating once again, and even found joy and healing in coaching others. However, after several years of restriction, I found myself gaining weight and being unhappy because I was looking for what I thought at the time was a mythical creature: intuitive eating. I stopped coaching other women because I wasn’t enjoying what I was teaching, I can’t ask others to do something I don’t want to do/can’t do and knew there had to be another way.

Just at my breaking point of being tired of not knowing what to eat to properly fuel my body, I found Disruptive Nutrition and learned YES- I can intuitively eat with the education and empowerment the approach has given me. My entire life has become more streamlined because I am taking much better care of myself and my body and I want this life for everyone.

 Why I am passionate about helping others:

I am a natural helper and during the day work as a high school special educator. As an educator working most of my day on executive functioning and mental health, I know there is a high correlation between how our brain operates and the food we eat. I know with proper nutrition, we can prevent and cure disease with knowing how to fuel our bodies. It is my mission to share blood sugar stabilization with others to be a part of the sustainable solution to the obesity and disease epidemic in the United States.

My favorite nutrition tip: 

Build your plate around your protein. Protein is delicious and necessary to build muscle but one of the macronutrients many find hard to get enough of so when planning a meal start with what your protein will be and then add in your carbohydrates and fat.

My favorite mindset tip: 

Every day is a good day. Each day, remind yourself it is a good day when you get up in the morning. It starts your day off right and sets your intention no matter what is thrown your way.

My favorite sustainability tip: 

Always be prepared, I’m on the go quite a bit and like to stay busy. By setting aside time once a week to menu plan and buy easily portable items, I’m able to continue to fuel myself properly so I always feel my best and use my energy efficiently.

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Instagram: Coach_SarahM