Amanda Bowditch

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

Client Success Director

My Story:

After spending years trying all the diets and spending more money than I care to recall, I embarked on an overall health journey instead of just a fast fix, weight-loss one. It has spurred my interest in learning how nutrition plays a role in all facets of our lives, including the mental confidence that comes with knowing what you’re doing is right. This is no longer what I do. This lifestyle is who I am, and I am so thankful for Disruptive Nutrition for teaching me and others a sustainable lifestyle that just doesn’t have to be so hard!

Why I am passionate about helping others:

As women, so many of us have been led to believe being healthy has to be hard and filled with deprivation. I now understand willpower and motivation aren’t strategies. It’s about learning the tools for long term, foundational success…and the multi-billion dollar diet industry doesn’t want you to know that! That vicious yo-yo is how they make their money. I see so many women who feel hopeless, desperate, or just flat out confused or lost. I remember those feelings vividly, and I am thankful for the opportunity to help make meaningful life changes for those who trust us enough to engage and learn what we teach! Getting to meet women on Day 1 of their journey and then a few months later is so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, because I know others are experiencing that same confidence, success and joy I have found by breaking the chains of diets and truly learning a sustainable lifestyle.

My favorite nutrition tip: 

Don’t make it complicated! Find your favorite go-to PFC meals, and be sure they are always on hand! Failure to plan is planning to fail!

My favorite mindset tip: 

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. Does this meal serve my body or serve my soul?

My favorite sustainability tip:

Never follow an appreciation meal with another one. Makes it harder to fall off the wagon when your next meal is on point!

 Email: [email protected]

 Instagram: @amandabowditch