Beverly Heyer

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

Advanced Training in Mindset Coaching

My Story:
I remember as a young adult being very interested in balancing hormones as a path to staying "young". I was captivated as I researched, read, and visited a naturopath who compounded supplements for me. However, never once did I think about changing my diet as a means to health, only as a means to attempt weight loss. Years later I was exposed to a group who rekindled my interest where I absorbed more learning around the pathways of the body and how to activate our internal medicine naturally. At that point I became acutely aware of topics such as toxins in products, the widespread use of pesticides, and hormones used in dairy and meat. I found Dr. Mark Hyman and listened over and over to his Broken Brain docuseries. Along the way I adopted a clean lifestyle, and also became Whole Food Plant Based. My road eventually led to Kyani, which further fueled my passions, and where I learned about Nitro Nutrition, PFC3 eating, and especially blood sugar balance. Disruptive Nutrition has completed that circle for me, combining all of the very best of everything in one program that encompasses all aspects of our lives. I was so tired of thinking about food, questioning myself, feeling out of whack, and not loving myself. Here, I have found my peace, people who know that ups and downs can be handled regardless of weight, I can eat what I like, my emotions/hormones are not all over the place, and I have others who are just like me supporting each other every step of the way. I love how I learn 1% more every single day, and I am so excited that my life and longevity is just beginning!

Why I am passionate about helping others:

 I am passionate about helping others because I feel that planting a seed and exposing others to think about health and sustainability in another way is so empowering! Educating and validating others in a rich environment, wherever they are on their path, creates a fertile ground for growth. There are so many who helped me along my own path and I want to be there for others in that same way. It creates a passion that I feel deep inside me and I want to ignite it all the more! 

My favorite nutrition tip:

My favorite nutrition tip is to challenge yourself to always include at least two full servings of vegetables in as many meals throughout the day as you can. The nutritional gains over time, including phytonutrients and fiber, are tremendous, compounding, and and so doable!

What is your favorite mindset tip?

My favorite mindset tip is to do just one thing. Read your affirmations while brushing your teeth, google a 10 minute meditation and do stretching moves instead of sitting quietly if that feels good to you, look at the trees or the sky as you walk to regain inner peace, or force a 30 second stop, breathe, and roll your shoulder moment. Find the moments in your day that make you pause in wonder!

My favorite sustainability tip:

My favorite sustainability tip is to meal plan for two weeks, then use that same plan for another two. One month of meals - done! It simplifies shopping and the need for new recipe ideas every week. Then you can incorporate new recipes the next month, keep the basics as your template, and you're good to go again!

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Instagram: @bjheyer