Deb Van Dusen

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach - IBNFC
NASM- Certified Personal Trainer
MELT Level 1 Certified Instructor
Precision Nutrition - Certified Sleep, Stress, and Recovery SpecialistĀ 

Ā Advanced Training In Mindset Coaching


My Story:

I was an athlete in high school and never had to think about what I ate. Unfortunately, when I went to college, I stopped playing soccer and started packing on the pounds. Ever since then I would gain and lose the same 10-20 lbs depending on the stage of life. I have been on almost every diet out there. I was about ready to embark on yet another diet when I found Disruptive Nutrition. By learning the DN approach to nutrition, I was able to lose the weight for good AND find the food freedom I had always wanted to find.

Why I am passionate about helping others: 

I know that there are women out there, like me who have tried everything and who are sick of being on the dieting roller coaster. There is a permanent solution that can not only get you into your favorite pair of jeans, but that can get you to your optimal health. I want people to be able to live the life they have always dreamed without having to be controlled by food.

My favorite nutrition tip: 

Always carry a protein bar with you. You can use it in a pinch or eat half to tide you over until your next meal.

My favorite mindset tip: 

Say it out loud! Then you know that YOU are making the decision rather than your subconscious making the decision for you.

My favorite sustainability tip: 

It’s important to celebrate yourself every once in a while. We all need a meal that has no rules!

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: debcvan_