Jennifer Ellis

Liaison Coach

My Story:
I have spent a lifetime thinking about food. I love to cook and bake and have professional training in both. Years and years of being frustrated with yo yo dieting and I found Carrie and Disruptive Nutation on Facebook. I was at my last straw believing that at nearly 50 I was going to have to just accept that I would never be fit and healthy again. My biggest concerns were knowing I would not give up cooking and baking. I needed a lifestyle that was something I could still live my life and do indefinitely. I was skeptical at first as up until this point I'd tried everything even medication and here I was the largest I've ever been, no strength or endurance and feeling sick all the time. I have been with Carrie and DN for almost a year and a half now and though my weight is very slow to drop due to all the damage I am repairing. I am for the first time in a very long time getting truly healthy. I have built a relationship with my body we have a much better understanding of each other and what each part needs to thrive. My mind is clear. My gut is actually working well, for the first time in my life! I love the recipe vault, being able to cook good food and still feel good is something I never thought I'd have. I thought it was one or the other. Baking is also still very much a part of my life. I love taking old favorite recipes and making healthier versions. It's amazing how my body has changed. She's learning to trust me again. This is a journey and I am so excited to be on it with this amazing group!

My favorite nutrition tip: 
Flavor your food with herbs and spices to bring out the joy.

Why are you passionate about helping others?
I spent a lifetime thinking that I couldn't be healthy and still eat, cook and bake what I love. It's such a freeing feeling to know that I can have both with the right learning and thought behind it I can eat anything and still be healthy! I want everyone to feel this joy and freedom! Our lives don't have to revolve around food!

What is your favorite mindset tip?
Constancy over perfection

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