Joanna Musial

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC


My Story:

I'm a wife, mom of three kids, and a clinical pharmacist working in a primary care clinic. I have helped manage hundreds of patients with diabetes over the years but never realized the importance of blood sugar stabilization for myself as a non-diabetic. Then I discovered Disruptive Nutrition and it changed my life and how I look at food. I now have energy, the brain fog is gone and I am able to do the things I love with my kids, like go for a hike!

Why I am passionate about helping others: 

I am passionate about helping others because I strongly believe that everyone should know about this lifestyle. Blood sugar stabilization is important for every body and has numerous health benefits. I want to share this concept with others so they can stop struggling, start enjoying their food, and improve their quality of life.

My favorite nutrition tip: 

Try to eat as many whole foods as possible and make your plate colorful by adding lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

My favorite mindset tip: 

You can't rely on motivation alone because that waxes and wanes over time. You need to develop habits that will help you continue living this lifestyle even when motivation is low.

My favorite sustainability tip: 

Know your "why" and be prepared. Having a strong "why" helps you keep going when the going gets tough. Being prepared helps you avoid getting back into old habits which may not necessarily serve your body.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: musial7101