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“I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but what you have done here is amazing.”

New Mexico

“Loved your FB Live today! I’ve been eating PFC continuously since the challenge and feel so different. Someone asked me the other day ‘what do you do to look so amazing?’ Thank you! Thank you! You’ve taught me how to do this!”


“Michelle Stefan is my coach and has been incredible! And YOU, Carrie, have been amazing. I can’t believe how much I have learned from watching and reading. I THANK YOU so very much for getting my middle-aged body back before it got too out of control. Can’t wait to get my hubby involved too!”


“My husband and I have decided to do this challenge together so we’re actually just putting our info in our binders today. It is amazing how complete and helpful you ‘disrupting’ program is! Being ‘disrupted’ is just what we have been looking for!”


“I did the challenge after putting it off for months. Here’s the deal…I had 1000 excuses as to why I couldn't do it but at the top of the list was that I travel too much and I can’t be bothered lugging stuff through security and I can’t cook on the road. But during this challenge I learned more about my body than I ever did at my doctor appointments. For me, the greatest benefit has nothing to do with the pounds that I lost. I would much rather celebrate, now that I know that my body isn’t broken, it simply needs the right fuel at the right time. And I CAN do it when I travel!”


“This way of eating has changed my life! I have seen a 29 lb weight loss (that’s 3 pant sizes down!) since January 2019. I work out regularly and I don’t count calories I enjoy wine and seriously, you will see results. My biggest challenge was the discipline of declining which I really learned how to do on the challenge. I learned quickly how good my body feels by eating clean as much as I can. Life changing!”


“For me it started with wanting to lose weight but in the end wound up being so much more rewarding. My bloated stomach went away, my digestion issues cleared up, my skin cleared up, my depression went away and overall I had more energy.”


“I saw such an improvement in how I felt! I lost a total of 7 lbs during the month and continue to do the shakes and follow the concepts I learned everyday. Carrie’s regular motivation and food tips help keep me on track with my new outlook on nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I have found my body can’t tolerate dairy or over processed flours. It’s been the best experience and I encourage everyone I know to try it!”


“I started the transformation with the thought of losing weight however I finished with the knowledge that a balanced PFC Every 3 of clean food will keep your blood sugar leveled. I didn’t realize what a cranky mom I was because I didn’t know about this simple concept! I have more energy, more laughter and more smiles than ever before. Oh yeah, and I lost 10 pounds and over 5 total inches…and know how to keep going forever!”


“This program helped me to realize the importance of correct eating and how powerful your body can be if you fuel it properly. I have never felt better, my energy is high, my weight is down and my spirit is full. This gave me the tools to enjoy the holidays and celebrations while still being mindful of what my body needs. I am about 1 month out of the program and it is still easy to incorporate in my day to day life. Carrie is nothing but amazing and supportive!”

New Mexico

“I’m really enjoying this! I am not in the mode of being on a diet. I am in the model of when and what do I eat next! It’s nice not to be starving!!!”


“I’m energized today and feel ready to tackle the day. I don’t remember the last time I felt that way. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this!”


“This makes me feel like I am in control and on the right path.”