Cindy Morrison

Liaison Coach

My Story:
I joined Disruptive Nutrition after a year of struggling with an aneurysm in my ankle, 3 years post high cholesterol diagnosis & two years after my extremely healthy sister had a quadruple bypass & I realized I had been excusing away a family history of heart disease and I have a family history of Alzheimer’s. I have nine children (the youngest 5 adopted from Asia. 4 of them have lifetime special needs and those 4 have dietary needs. My husband had a stent, post-heart attack, he has one kidney & is diabetic. For years I have been trying to save their lives in my kitchen. I got a nutritional certification. I’m a spin, Pilates, kettlebell, indoor & shockwave instructor. And I was clinically depressed every time I walked into my kitchen because I felt like I was the only one waging the battle for our health & I felt like I was losing that battle because I was missing something. Turns out what I was missing was disruptive nutrition & PFC3.

Why I am passionate about helping others:
I am passionate about helping others because I know that there are other women out there like me. I know that despite a massive study of nutrition, I was never exposed to what I have found with Disruptive Nutrition And I absolutely know that this is doable, enjoyable, sustainable and so easy to do. I want to help other people experience their best life.

My favorite mindset tip:
You can’t control what goes on around you but you can control yourself

My favorite sustainability tip:
Eliminate decision fatigue.

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