Donna Lamb

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

My Story:
I gave up! After working with a nutritionist, a dietician and an intuitive eating counselor, not to mention ALL the money spent. I thought that my transition into menopause meant that I would never lose the weight and would forever be heavy. Until I discovered Disruptive Nutrition via a podcast hosted by Carrie Lupoli. It was then that my life began to transform. I really love that with Disruptive Nutrition, we not only learn how to make healthy choices with our food but we also address the way we think and behave when it comes to our food choices. This was my game changer! Living the very sustainable lifestyle of PFC3 has brought so much freedom to my life. I no longer experience guilt, shame or feel miserable within my own skin. Instead, I wake up with energy, a clear mind and a confidence that I am caring for my body in the healthiest way possible.

Why I am passionate about helping others:
I want to assist others in discovering their own personal freedom from the cognitive load, guilt and shame of all things food; just as I have. To guide them to a better way of fueling their bodies for the purpose of over all health and wellness. To help undo all the misinformation that the diet industry has feed us for so long, and to help them discover just how valuable they are.

My favorite nutrition tip: 
There are no good foods or bad foods. Food is neutral, some foods nourish our bodies and some foods nourish our souls.

My favorite mindset tip: 
No matter the circumstance I will make my health and wellness a priority.

My favorite sustainability tip:
Making 1 PFC recipe will provide 4 meals. Prepare ahead and you're all set if you find you're in a pinch!

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