Episode 150 Face Planting in a Pastry at Publix

We love these kinds of episodes and this one will resonate with everyone! This is an incredible story about emotional eating and the healing it takes to balance our body and our minds. If we asked our guest to introduce herself, it would go something like this: ‘Hi my name is Donna and I’m a sugar addict. I eat when I’m happy, or sad, or bored, etc. I LOVE to eat!’ Donna is the perfect example of someone who knew what to do but just wasn’t doing it. She would regularly use food to make her emotions go away. Sound familiar? We all know that our emotions affect us physically. Donna was given the ultimate test in life through loss and trauma in a very short timeframe and despite these challenges, she committed to DN and completely transformed her life.


Join Carrie as Donna shares the tips that helped get her through struggle and heartbreak:

  1. We don’t have to learn everything all at once, each day is an opportunity for learning and growth
  2. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail
  3. Nourishing our bodies with good quality food allows us to handle anything life throws our way

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