Our approach to nutrition disrupts what the diet industry tells us…and know that the whole person has to be considered and empowered. Beyond the food, we know that there are amazing wellness tools to help you on your journey towards optimal health. Here are a few of our favorites!

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion

The very lotion Carrie and many of her clients use, this lotion absorbs in seconds and is a great way to get your magnesium supplementation! This convenient form of magnesium, restores the body, nourishes and encourages healthy skin, and is effective for stress relief and relaxation.


Nutrisense Monitor

The CGM in your arm will automatically capture your glucose level every 15 minutes. After scanning the sensor with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the Nutrisense app dashboard will display your glucose activity and blood glucose score.

  • Real-time glucose
  • Glucose response to meals
  • Fasting and meal timing
  • Physical activity and exercise routines
  • Stress and sleep
  • Habits and routines
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Feilifan Cube Timer

  • Easy Rotation Timing: The gravity-sensing time cube timer is simple to use and responsive. Cube timer 5-15-30-60 minute preset timer. Select the timing time, flip the timer, it will beep and flash a non-glaring red light
  • Volume and Display: The block timer has two levels of sound prompts (high and low), you can choose different volumes according to different occasions. The timer has a display, you can check the remaining time at any time
  • Small and Durable: The countdown timer is made of high-quality ABS plastic, wear-resistant and durable. The compact size is easy to carry and can help you establish a good time management
  • Features: The timer cube is suitable for cooking, work, reading, learning, games, and sports, to reduce interference and maintain focus. The simple cube shape is a perfect gift for people who don’t have a sense of time
  • Package: A white cube timer, no battery. You need to prepare 2 AAA batteries by yourself 

Wild Alaskan Fish

Get wild-caught, sustainable seafood delivered to your door, on your schedule. Enjoy healthy and delicious meals with their high-quality, curated seafood selections.

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