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6 “HEALTHY” Things You Are Doing That Are Sabotaging Your Goals

Jun 10, 2022
6 “HEALTHY” Things You Are Doing That Are Sabotaging Your Goals

Hi there!

I'm Carrie Lupoli.

I'm a Diet Disruptor.

I know how overwhelming, exhausting and discouraging it is to feel like you don’t have the time to dedicate to Diet Disruptors have stopped searching for solutions when it comes to their nutrition because they know the formula is simple, it is not a diet, and they have been able to implement it for a lifetime. They recognize that food is fuel and that to reach short-term and long-term goals, they have to eat. A lot. They understand the difference between eating healthy and correctly and the power of doing both. They are strong and care more about getting healthy than getting skinny although they have never looked so good in a bathing suit. As a health coach who is committed to disrupting what you THINK you know about how to take charge of your health through your nutritional choices, I am thrilled that you are interested in disrupting your nutrition as well. . .and hopefully becoming a Diet Disruptor too!


My Story

I know how overwhelming, exhausting and discouraging it is to feel like you don’t have the time to dedicate to taking care of yourself and your own health goals. With busy families, jobs, and just a lack of time, it seems impossible to prioritize ourselves. In addition, many tell me they “know what to do but finding the time to do it is an issue.” I am here, however, to disrupt what you THINK you know about what you should be doing. Here’s what I mean….If I were to ask you what is more correct, eating an apple for a snack or a slice of pizza with chicken, my guess is that you would say, “Well obviously it’s the apple!” But it isn’t. Sure, an apple is healthy, but it isn’t what Diet Disruptors call, “correct.” Because a slice of pizza with chicken has the three main nutrients that our bodies require (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) it would actually be more “correct” to eat the pizza! However, we all know pizza with chicken isn’t the “healthy” choice…and that is where I am going to disrupt everything you know about nutrition. Just because food is healthy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct and as a result, you could actually be sabotaging your health goals because you THINK you are doing it right…the key is to strike the combination of a healthy and correct balance! I remember what it was like to go to the gym and try to “eat healthy” while managing a full-time job, family, and the life that goes with it. I remember feeling frustrated because I wasn’t seeing results and I didn’t have the time to figure out why. I was tired and anxious and I knew something had to change. That’s when I unlocked the key to a sustainable nutrition plan that was not only simple but was something I could do for the long term, I could model for my girls without communicating a need to “diet” AND it was satisfying. Never felt deprived…in fact eating more than I thought I should be able to while still crushing my goals…well that was something that I knew I had to teach others. It’s my mission to help you stop doing what doesn’t work, to end the concept of needing to diet and deprive ourselves so we can look a certain way. I am passionate in being able to share simple, sustainable, and satisfying solutions to nutrition that your entire family can implement. You really have no idea how good your body was meant to feel!


1. Eating fewer Calories

It’s common for people to believe they need to take in fewer calories than they burn so they will lose weight. We have been taught that we have to do this in order to reach our goals…There is even a name for it called “caloric deprivation.” However, when we deprive ourselves of certain nutrients, it’s like running our car on fumes. In order for our cars to run efficiently, we need to put high-quality gas in the tank and keep it filled. The same is true of our bodies. If we deprive ourselves and allow our bodies to go into starvation mode, the fat it burns actually comes from our muscles…which is NOT where we want to lose it! This is why we are cranky when we are on a diet, have a lack of energy, and feel like we are missing out on the foods we love. Even worse, because you are depriving your body of nutrients, your metabolism slows down and the second you start to eat again, your body doesn’t trust you to know when the next meal is coming, so it holds onto it! Ever wonder why you can lose weight on a diet but end up putting it all back on again the second you eat something besides rabbit food? It wasn’t your lack of willpower or inability to commit! All diets work for the short term because when you deprive yourself, you will lose weight, but because your metabolism is so slow, as a result, diets fail you every time!

2. Counting Calories (or Points)

All Calories (or Points) are not created equal! 250 calories of buttered popcorn aren't the same as 250 calories of hard-boiled egg and an apple.

By counting calories or points, it assumes that nutrients are all the same and in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Because our bodies require proteins, fats, and carbs for every meal in the right portions, at the right times, if you just count calories and don’t take into consideration your combination of foods, you can easily start to gain weight, slow down your metabolism, impact gut health and build up toxins. In addition, because counting points or calories often allows us a certain amount each day, when we use up too many early in the day, we often feel like it’s a “lost cause” and chalk up the entire day to a big flop. Anytime we are dieting, we are bound to fail because, well, that's how they were designed…and because it feels like WE did something wrong, we keep coming back for more!

3. Eliminating Carbs

It’s amazing how something we love so much can be seen as so evil at the same time! We look at carbs as an indulgence, but have you ever figured out why you crave your carbs? Because your body needs them! When we are on a low or no-carb diet, we are once again depriving our body of needed nutrients! Carbohydrates are an essential energy booster your body needs so eliminating that is actually eliminating something that YOU REQUIRE. When it doesn't get it, your body then has to adjust when it does, it actually slows down your metabolism and reduces energy. As with everything, hype excites people, but simply ask anyone about a Ketogenic diet and for how long have they been doing it. It's hard to find someone who has lived it consistently for over a year, especially a woman. Quick fixes might give you an immediate result but will fail you long term because if it isn't sustainable, you won't stick with it and then you will be back to where you started, or worse! Because a low/no carb diet doesn’t fuel your body with certain nutrients it needs, most people do not sustain increased energy levels over time. Your body just simply can’t sustain high energy levels without the right kinds of sugars from the right kind of carbs. We actually have to eat the proper types of food (protein, fat, and carb at EVERY meal), throughout the day to fuel our body so that it actually balances blood sugar. This results in a boosted metabolism, and an increase in lean muscle, and in the long term it supports a healthy body and brain (it literally reduces the chance of diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer's), and improves digestive health and gut function for the long term.

4. Low-fat or High fat

So often I see people trying to stay away from fat altogether because they think it makes them gain weight and raise their cholesterol. I also see those no-carb, high-protein, high-fat diets that are all the rage these days.

Too much, however, will get stored in your body, and build up toxins, causing weight gain, and blood pressure concerns and it slows down your energy. The key is to eat the right amount of the right kinds of fat in every meal, along with protein and a carb. Believe it or not, this will allow you to actually release stored body fat because your body will let go of what it doesn’t need if it knows good fat will be consumed regularly! Fat also absorbs certain vitamins essential for your body to function optimally and provides necessary fatty acids which control the overall health of your skin, hair, and nails. Not getting enough fat in our diet can cause high cholesterol, increased risk of depression, and heart disease.

5. Avoiding Meat

Complete proteins have all the essential amino acids and can be used immediately by your body to strengthen it. Our bodies require these amino acids to build lean muscle, strengthen our bodies, give us energy and balance our blood sugar.

Here’s the thing: animal-based proteins are the primary source of complete proteins in our food. When we eat vegetarian-based proteins, unless there are at least three of them combined, they lack at least one or more of the essential amino acids and you aren’t reaping the benefits of protein like you think you are! Many vegetarians or vegans I have coached realized that they have been sabotaging their goals because when all of their “protein” comes from plant-based sources, their carbohydrate intake increases dramatically, thus raising blood sugar which converts to stored fat!

6. Allowing Yourself to get Hungry

We have all had those hunger pains and realized we were starving and needed to eat. If we know we are going to have a big meal for dinner, we “save” the calories by not eating throughout the day.

Either way, when we find ourselves hungry during the day, we are sabotaging our goals because being hungry is our body’s way of saying, “My body isn’t balanced! Feed me so I can get back to feeling satisfied!” If you don’t eat, your body will then try to balance itself by pulling stored fat from your muscles…exactly the place you DON’T want to take it from! The result is a slowed-down metabolism and a body that craves the sugars from carbs because your blood sugar is low. Even worse, your brain won’t recognize you are full until well after your belly has had enough, so we always overeat when we are hungry. Combine that with a slowed-down metabolism, if you do this on a regular basis, you are going to put on weight, react sluggishly, impact gut health and increase its toxins.


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