Episode 172: Love Yourself Much?

Do you love yourself? We’re serious! Read that again, process the question and answer it honestly. Do you truly love yourself or do you hate your body so much that you’ve been searching for things to fix it your whole life?! 

That’s a big question, right? With Valentine’s around the corner and our new book study launching, we thought it was the perfect time to start asking.

Imagine if we had a sense of love for ourselves that started when you were young?  We’d all grow up believing we were enough, or even MORE than enough. Instead, we grow up to try to be like someone else, and in some cases, that’s a version of ourselves that we don’t actually  like. 

It’s time to change the narrative and we’re going to start by putting it all out there! This week’s podcast is dedicated to the concept of self-love and the idea that it can be a positive experience.


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