Episode 173: I Know What To Do, I Just Dont Do It

Have you ever thought to yourself I know what to do, I just don’t do it? It’s not just you! There is actual psychology around why we don’t stick to things! 


Our brain loves change and new things, but it doesn’t like anything that is actually unfamiliar. As soon as our brain recognizes what is unfamiliar, even if it is a good change, we can start to self sabotage.  Before you know it, you start to go back into old habits that were not serving you because you missed the signs when that was starting to happen. 


Let’s apply this to the diet industry for a second, all of the options that have been marketed to us have us manipulated into believing that we have to put ourselves at a deficit and if we restrict, we’re going to thrive. Do you know anything that actually thrives in a deficit? We quickly find ourselves moving from diet to diet in an effort to achieve success.


The key here is to understand yourself, your triggers and then S.N.A.P.








We’re breaking down the brain function that is responsible for this process on this week’s episode and giving you strategies to overcome these moments and give your brain a chance to adopt a nutrition solution that actually serves you.

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