Episode 174: Truth is a Lie

This week we are flashing back to a really important episode about the things we tell ourselves. 

Raise your hand if you've been telling yourself you're just too busy to actually make changes related to your overall health! Consider this, your reality is based on how you see things as they appear to YOU and, it's all an illusion! Gasp! We know! Your truth, the thing you tell yourself, is actually a lie and it's what is holding you back.  So, maybe it's time to question your truth and start to make some progress...


Tune in this week to hear Carrie discuss:

- How your story matters and why we want to get to know you.

- Identifying strategies, a plan and a path forward to find your truth.

- How if we don't question those truths then we're unable to make progress.

- Are your actions connected to what you actually want?

- Are you ready to show up for yourself?

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