Episode 175: It's Crazy, But I'm Doing It!

85% of women have disordered eating or lack of confidence in their body. Read that again 85%!!!!  We can’t even blame it on social media because we’ve been influenced for decades to think that our value as women is tied to how we look. Anyone remember that Special K Pinch an Inch campaign!?


In honor of LOVE month, don’t you think it’s time to start loving yourself again!?


We are launching a FREE 5 day live training called: I Love Me Again! Starting Feb. 26th, at 8:00pm, you’ll have access to a concierge coach, giveaways, incredible training and a live Q&A with Carrie!


We will also offer a VIP with lifetime access to our trainings and an E-book written by world renowned behavior specialist, Carrie Lupoli, herself!


Space is limited so register yourself today: https://www.disruptivenutrition.com/livechallenge



Here’s what we are going to cover:
Day 1: Disrupt Your Nutrition

How to release weight and love your body without diets.


Day 2: Your Body’s Love Language

Discover 6 ways to know what your body needs and thrive.


Day 3: Mastering Food Freedom

This is the formula to never fearing food, obsessing or self- sabotaging!


Day 4: Chaos

Control/manage stress and eliminate emotional binging even when life shows up!


Day 5: How to Change Your Family Tree

Learn how to ensure our kids have a healthy relationship with food.


Day 6: Loveapalooza!

Q&A with Carrie – what questions do you have, what do you need? How do you work with us? Scholarships are being given to work with us!