Episode 177: Because FOMO Sucks!

If you’ve been paying attention the last couple of weeks you would know that we just ran an incredible 5-day (well 6 days really), LIVE Lifestyle Launch that was entirely free!

Carrie was live every day with content related to not only the formula for food freedom that we have created, but also provided details on the Disruptive Nutrition recipe for success!

We received so much feedback from our series and had a lot of inquiries from people who didn’t get to see it but wanted more information. This week Carrie created a mini recap of our webinar. You’ll have an opportunity to purchase the entire replay and book a FREE call with one of our coaches to learn more. Tune in for details!


These are the 5 – Days of topics we covered:
Day 1: Disrupt Your Nutrition

How to release weight and love your body without diets.


Day 2: Your Body’s Love Language

Discover 6 ways to know what your body needs and thrive.


Day 3: Mastering Food Freedom

This is the formula to never fearing food, obsessing or self- sabotaging!


Day 4: Chaos

Control/manage stress and eliminate emotional binging even when life shows up!


Day 5: How to Change Your Family Tree

Learn how to ensure our kids have a healthy relationship with food.


Day 6: Loveapalooza!

Q&A with Carrie – what questions do you have, what do you need? How do you work with us? Scholarships are being given to work with us!


If you want the replay, you can access it here: https://www.disruptivenutrition.com/offers/gjGk87qD/checkout

Want to hear more about our unique approach to health and nutrition? Book a FREE call with https://www.disruptivenutrition.com/scheduleconsultation