Episode 181: Why Healthy Eating is Making You Sick

Do you look at food as either good or bad? If you do, you’re not alone. Many of the women we talk with have expressed that food is binary. It’s one thing good, or the other, bad. But this isn’t really the full picture despite many diets wanting you to think that if you just eat healthy, you’ll lose weight and achieve a number on the scale.


There’s a reason those diets inevitably fail, and you wind up blaming yourself. It wasn’t YOU, it was that the diet wasn’t sustainable! 


This week Carrie is diving into the concept of healthy eating and how it’s making us sick! The purpose of food isn’t binary! It’s not good or bad, healthy, or unhealthy. It’s meant to do 1 of 2 things: fuel your body or feed your soul. 


And guess what? You can have the carbs and the pizza. Join Carrie on this week’s episode to learn just how! 

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