Episode 182: Your Motive, Admissible In Court?

Admittedly, we are totally obsessed with a True Crime binge session and the courtroom has got us thinking about our own motives. The motive is legally irrelevant but always admissible. Why? Because the motive really matters. Just how believable is the story of what happened?

Let’s apply this to our own health when we think about the first 5 letters in the word…MOTIV is the same as motivation! It stems from the same word, but we look at motivation as a burst of energy or commitment to doing something.

When you think about your health journey are you motivated to achieve something or is there a motive you have for doing something different?  Is it short-term weight loss you’re seeking to fit in a certain dress? Is it a healthy balance to avoid metabolic disease and live longer?

Motive matters – the behaviors become different depending on the motive.

Is your motive health driven or ego driven?

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