Episode 184: Is Healthy Eating A Sign of Disordered Eating?


What does the word healthy really mean? It seems like lately, the word healthy means skinny to the general population. Is that accurate? And are we on the verge of taking that too far??

We, as a culture, have turned into a ‘healthy’ culture. There’s this idea of healthy-ism: it’s an excessive concern and anxiety about being harmed or getting a serious health problem if one is not following a strict way of healthy eating using clean, pure, food. But are we taking this too far?

It’s time to challenge ourselves. We are officially announcing a 1-hour challenge that starts May 14th. Mark your calendars! If you’re ready to challenge your thinking, begin to understand what you need to do and why, and figure out how to get started on a path to real health, join us!

Keep an eye on our website and social media for details on how to register!

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