Episode 187: Real Talk with Real Clients - Rosana's Transformation

Meet Rosana, who from 13 years old until last January, spent her life searching for the perfect diet to get to the perfect weight. Like many of the women we work with, Rosana says her approach to health was wrong. It was about chasing a size 2 dress size and believing that her value as a woman was tied to how skinny she was and what size she could achieve.

She used to believe that eating was somehow linked to psychology or something being ‘wrong’. These beliefs and previous diets affected her for decades.

Just 2 weeks into our 4 -weeks to wellness program Rosana realized this wasn’t a traditional diet. She already felt completely transformed!

Rosana realized she is making space for herself, learning, growing and that for the first time in her life, she joined a real educational approach to nutrition that she could continue forever. Now, she has real freedom because she no longer measures herself by the scale!

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