Jennifer Regish

Certified Health Coach

Advanced Training in Mindset Coaching

My Story:
I’m a middle-aged woman who was on the “dieting” struggle bus for over 40 years….. until I found Disruptive Nutrition! I’ve battled life long disordered eating and never thought I was “enough”! Now, thanks to the DN family , I Know my Value!  And I Love Me! I’m eager to coach and support others who want to learn how to have the food freedom that I have in my life!

Why I am passionate about helping others:
I am passionate about empowering and lifting up other women to live their best life and achieve their optimal health!

My favorite nutrition tip: 
Make the food look as beautiful on the plate as you are and you will feel fulfilled and satisfied!

My favorite mindset tip: 
If you fail to plan you plan to fail!

My favorite sustainability tip:
When you get to your optimal health, you will get to your optimal weight.

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