Episode 132: Meet Coach Jen

Meet Coach Jen! Who until the last year, has been dieting and has had disordered eating for 42 years of her life!! Like many women, Jen grew up in a household where her mother was regularly dieting. Despite not having the weight to lose, Jen was put on Weight Watchers at age 12 because her mother’s mindset was to diet, so that became Jen’s mindset. Over time, Jen became a professional weight loser and weight gainer and always had a fear of failure when those diets inevitably didn’t work. Now, she has a healthy mindset, has LOVE for herself and has gone from previous client to Coach! 

Join Carrie to hear Jen’s incredible story and learn how she:

  • Shifted her mindset to progress not perfection.
  • Created good habit building to reach goals and build confidence.
  • Now has food freedom! Food is her fuel, not something to be feared.
  • Got lifetime access to resources and lifetime access to coaches through our program that were critical to her success through the chaos of her life.

Time Management was a big part of Jen’s success and TODAY is the last day to join our Time Machine Challenge. Sign up here:



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