Episode 104: Why I Stopped JUST Teaching People How to Eat!

You may think you know what you need… and you may think it is just to be told what to eat and how to balance your blood sugar to lose weight.  You probably think that if Carrie just TELLs you, then you will do it…  


But she is here to tell you that there is so much more to it than that, and she cannot, in good conscience, JUST tell people what to eat anymore!  In this episode, Carrie explains exactly way that is!  She discusses…


Mind and Body Miscommunication

  • Your body is NOT working against you
  • Your body HAS been communicating with you
  • You are likely just not understanding what your body is saying
  • We are working AGAINST our bodies by not eating
  • Brain fog, poor sleep, weight gain… all signs your body is trying to communicate with you
  • You need to help your body along by balancing your blood sugar with food


Life Getting in the Way

  • Motivation starts to wane when life gets hard
  • You have never been taught how to stick with something forever
  • When we plateau, we look for something different


The Disruptive Nutrition Blueprint

  • Mind, Body, and Sustainability
  • The 6 Plates: nutrition, supplements, water, sleep, exercise, and stress
  • Habits, systems, mindsets, self awareness, intentionality, and time management
  • Really understanding your WHY (ego versus heart)


Donna’s Story

  • Learning PFC but falling off after her mother’s death
  • Going through the DN Trifecta and digging deeper
  • Staying consistent to support herself through the loss of her father and best friend


Are YOU truly ready to make a sustainable change?  To dig NOT just into how to eat to lose weight, but how to live a sustainably healthy life without fear of metabolic disease?  If you are TRULY ready for something that will allow you to transform into the person you were meant to be, then it is time for you to…


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