Episode 109: Meet Coach Deb

Carrie always says how much she LOVES having a guest on her podcast… and it could not be MORE true this week as she continues her very special Coach Feature series with the amazing Coach Deb, the head coach for Disruptive Nutrition!  


Each and every one of Carrie’s coaches, Deb included, came THROUGH one of our programs.  Deb did not respond to a health and nutrition coach job posting!  She lives this lifestyle and works to improve herself alongside her clients each and every day while offering support from a place of love, empathy, and personal experience! In this episode, Carrie and Deb discuss…


Deb’s Journey Before Disruptive Nutrition

  • Thinking she knew a lot about food and health
  • Practicing consistency with exercise
  • Trying fad diet after fad diet


Deb’s Pivotal Moment

  • Inflammation showing up on her skin
  • Kidney stones despite a lack of genetic history


The Disruptive Nutrition Difference

  • Gaining a better understanding of her body, what it needs, and how to fuel it
  • Fueling herself before, during, and after her triathlon 
  • Being able to practice consistency over four years
  • Increased energy
  • Being able to model appropriate nutrition for her son


A New Understanding of Being “Healthy”

  • The glucose storage system
  • Fat cells protecting us
  • Inflammation as a signal
  • Inflammation leading to metabolic disease


Managing Perimenopause

  • Learning the importance of unprocessed foods for hormone stabilization
  • Understanding the 6 Plates
  • Changing her fitness approach to include more weight training


Book Mentioned: The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile


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