Episode 112: How I Taught my Teenager about Nutrition, Weight, and her Body

This week on the podcast Carrie gets real about her WHY and the important people in her life.


Disruptive Nutrition has never been about losing weight to achieve some ideal beauty standard.


The sad truth is that too many of us are wasting our lives tracking our food, starving our bodies, and obsessing over the number on the scale, all because we think our APPEARANCE determines our VALUE.


Carrie created Disruptive Nutrition because she needed a better future for herself and for her two young daughters. A future that was heart-driven instead of ego-driven. An approach to nutrition that was more focused on LIVING than LOSING.


Now, almost a decade later, Carrie’s daughter Grace faces a difficult diagnosis, and having the right WHY behind her nutrition choices matters more than ever.


If you have people in your life who need to hear about the health benefits of blood sugar stabilization, get ready to take notes on this week’s episode. Carrie will give you everything you need to teach the science behind Disruptive Nutrition to anyone, especially your kids. And the results could be LIFE SAVING.


Join Carrie as she discusses:

  • The tipping point that started her health journey
  • The proven benefits of blood sugar stabilization
  • How Grace is taking hold of her health for the RIGHT REASONS
  • The best gift we could ever give our loved ones


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