Episode 120: Meet Coach Karen Lynne!

Carrie always says how much she LOVES having a guest on her podcast… and it could not be MORE true this week as she continues her very special Coach Feature series with the amazing Coach Karen Lynne!  


Karen Lynne started as a client earlier this year, but her transformation was so amazing that she just couldn’t wait to join our team. After decades of miserable yo-yo dieting, Karen Lynne has finally found the freedom she has always wanted. She truly lives this lifestyle and works to improve herself alongside her clients each and every day while offering support from a place of love, empathy, and personal experience! 


Tune in this week to hear Carrie and Karen Lynne discuss:

  • Being body-shamed as captain of the dance team
  • Keeping 10 years worth of food and weight journals
  • Losing the same 75 pounds over half a dozen times
  • Shocking her doctor after only 4 weeks with Disruptive Nutrition 


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