Episode 127: Flashback - Are You Ghosting Yourself?

The workshop on Saturday was AMAZING. 3 hours jam-packed with questions, answers, and ah-ha moments for everyone there. Even our clients who attended walked away feeling inspired to take their health to the next level!


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This week we are flashing back to a favorite episode from last year - Are You Ghosting Yourself?


Every day our bodies are talking to us - telling us exactly what they need. But are we listening?


In this episode, Carrie discusses:

  • How we DIET our Way to Disease
  • Dr Mark Hyman’s Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Toxicity in your System
  • Signs of Toxicity in your Body
  • Signs of Food Addiction


If your body is sending you warning signals, don’t wait to book a call with one of our coaches so we can help you figure out how you can turn your nutrition and your health around TODAY!  It’s time to listen to your body, come to its aid, and act with some URGENCY! 



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