Episode 130: Real Talk with Real Clients - Ernest

Meet Diet Disruptor Ernest! By day he’s a heating/air conditioning repairman for the local school system, which has him on a roof or in his truck most of the day.  His job is physically demanding and long hours can be devastating for his arthritis and his energy. Worst of all, every A1C test to measure his blood sugar was steadily increasing and he was on the verge of retirement because it was such a struggle to get up and down off the roof for his job. Until NOW!


Join Carrie as she interviews Ernest about his story and his progress:

  •  If Ernest can do this, so can YOU!
  •  He adopted our FOOD program, not a diet and the results are incredible!
  •  Traditional medicine told him to cut sugars and eat smaller portions, but he was already eating smaller portions and limiting sugar. So what made the difference? 
  •  Learn how showing up just 1% every day can literally change your life, like it’s changing his.


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