Episode 133 - What a Healthy Tina Does, Says & Thinks

Today we are hosting another real talk with real clients and featuring Tina! Tina has been on every single diet known to womankind. She was a busy school teacher who naturally always put everyone else’s needs first. When the invitation to join Disruptive Nutrition came about something felt different. This time, she couldn’t allow herself to miss out on what she felt like was THE thing that would make the difference. Tina admits that it’s sometimes a really hard choice to make when you have to say YES to yourself. Disruptive Nutrition just made sense to her, and everything she learned about the program and its benefits really resonated with her. This was definitely something she could do and it could be life changing! For the first time, she was empowered!

Join Carrie to Learn what a Healthy Tina Does, Says & Thinks:

  • The systems and the support were gifts she didn’t even realize she needed.
  • The recipe vault was initially what drew her to the program. Did you know, we have one of those?!
  • Tina’s thought process around food became easier! She wasn’t constantly thinking about it any longer.

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