Episode 134: Do You Know Your Set Point?

Have you ever heard the term Set Point? Do you know that everyone has one? When we’re young, our set point is really low, but as we age that changes over time. Each time we diet or deprive ourselves, we put our body at a deficit and our set point becomes higher. The good news is, we can change our set point! When your body is in a place of balance, the set point goes down. How you treat your body is a direct determination of how you effect your set point.

Join Carrie to learn more about your set point:

  •  When you’re only able to lose a certain amount of weight and then you hit that wall, BAM that’s your set point.
  •  If you’re not taking in enough food, your set point naturally becomes higher.
  •  When your blood sugar spikes your body doesn’t metabolize quickly, it then stores fat and our set point increases.

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