Episode 137: Self Sabotage

Did you know that everyone is a victim of self sabotage?! When we dont deal with self sabotage directly, nothing we put our minds to will be successful! Many of us dont necessarily know what we need, and when we dont truly understand our needs, and we dont invest in them, we cant show up for ourselves. When we’re in the cycle of self sabotage we dont even realize it! This week’s episode is about identifying the cycle itself, recognizing how you move through the steps in the cycle and taking control of our behaviors as a response to our thinking.

Join Carrie to hear how:

- Many of the things we do and think about come from our subconscious

- Sometimes we dont even know what’s happening and therefore we cant control what our brain is doing

- Self awareness is TRUTH. The more aware you are, the more you can be proactive instead of reactive in this cycle.

View the Cycle of Self Sabotage graphic that Carrie references here: https://disruptivenutrition.info/selfsabotage

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