Episode 138: Girl Talk - Better For You

You are most like the people you hang out with.  Read that one more time, seriously. And then, just for a minute, think about your besties. This week Carrie is sitting down with her good friend Lindsey to talk about better-for-you options. We felt truly inspired to open up a conversation about the people that we surround ourselves with and how that translates to what healthy people do, say and believe. Do you think about what goes both on and into your body? 

Start to ask yourself these questions when you sit down for girl talk:

  • Who are you hanging out with?
  • What are your conversations with the people you surround yourself with?
  • Do they bring you value and have you learned from them in ways that are having a truly positive impact on your life?


In this week’s episode we also announced a FREE resource. You can join the FREE Gluten Free Summit here:  https://glutenfreemarcksthespot.com/CarrieSummit


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