Episode 140: A Physician Talks Nutrition

We rely on our doctors for a lot of information and help, right? Meet Dr. Anne, who has 30 years of experience as a physician! She’s considered an expert in her field. But, doctors don’t actually learn a thing about nutrition as a part of her medical studies. The pharmaceutical industry has doctors talking about weight loss through prescription drugs. But how does that compare to shifting mindset and making healthy changes instead of suppressing the appetite or depriving the body of food?

Dr. Anne took on a different approach with DN and in two short months has found:

  • People are noticing the changes in her and she now talks about the way of looking at things that doesn’t include simply taking medication. 
  • Her body now tells her when it’s time to eat and she’s lost weight (bonus side effect to PFC)
  • Our body cant thrive when we aren’t fueling it. No weight loss medication is going to allow us to become healthier in that way.


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